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Galway Girls

I just recently got back from a trip to Dublin and London with my beautiful mother and best friend Michelle. 


We did all the yummy touristy stuff:

- Trip to the Guinness Storehouse

- Walking tour through Trinity College Library

- Art Museums

- Pints in Pubs


What luck we had with adventures, we lacked in hotel accommodations. Apparently the hotels we had arranged for our stays in Dublin and London were unaware there would be three to a room, therefore we, on more than one occasion ended up all cuddled under covers in the same bed together like girls at a slumber party.  




A dazzling new world of enchanting sights and 'interesting' smells to enthrawl the senses! I had the most eye opening time here with my dad on our first ever father daughter trip. We explored every inch of the city and took in as much as we could for the three days we had. Staying in a riad owned by the lovliest of locals, with flowers and leaves dangling from every banister that lead up to a rooftop deck overlooking the planes of Marrakech.



My week in Ubud Bali was an escape to paradise

Every morning I woke up early enough to just see the sun peeking behind the rim of a hill. I swam, explored the villiages, ventured into a monkey forrest and took a bike ride photo journaling as I went. Simply put I fell in love with Bali and it's not hard to see why...

Los Angeles

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