Desert Highway

Never Eat Soggy Wieners

A kid, a compass, and a call to The Great Wide Open.

Follow Juniper J. Jones and his friends as they take a long journey through America on a quest to find Juniper's father. Set in the summer of 1980, where the world is teeming with excitement, they find themselves in the center of a true adventure.

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A little debauchery never hurt nobody...

Send Word. The banged up, twisted sucker-punch of a novel written by: Amanda Blush. The pages conceived leave no flat note a-wrung.

We follow Mandie, a drug-fiend journalist along the journey of a not so uncommon but alternately weird lifetime. A here to there story with strange occurrences of friends and foes, a stint in prison and dare as she might, a touch of unexpected romance. This wild ride is one worth the ticket...and as a wiser man once said: "Buy the ticket, take the ride!" 


The Mysterious Mort Manor Murder Mystery

Mind Your Manor.

Action Adventure Comedy Crime

This scandalous tale comes from the rainy climes of Britain - Upper Subbie-ub-uburbia, to be exact. Mort Manor falls under curious circumstances when a She-Killer is discovered to be on the loose and at large. Those caught stranded in the area seek refuge at a spooky Manor. Miss Lady, the not so humble mistress of the house finds herself the host of an odd bunch of strangers...little do they know, they might not be as safe as they thought.

Big Ben Clock


Take a bite out of crime!

Crime Comedy

Vinchenzo "Vinny" a happy-go-lucky run-of-the-mill thug finds himself leading the plan for the heist of the century. When an opportunity arrises for him to get out of the business for good and take the loot with him, it seems all too good to be true. In the end there's only one question: Can he pull it off?

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Sci-Fi Teen Thriller

 Five years after a global catastRophe, the children of the scientists responsible uncover a conspiracy that could clear their parents names and save the world. 

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Dark Comedy Horror

When a self-suspected psychopath goes to see his Shrink... things get a 

little out of hand... 



Picture It Gone

A short film written and directed by Amanda Blush tells the charming tale of two strangers that meet by chance at a local bus stop.

It's a story about opportunities missed and second chances to re-claim them. It's about love and loss and the delights of coinciendence. 

PIG - A Short Film by Amanda Blush
Amanda Blush

PIG - A Short Film by Amanda Blush

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welcome to the watling & sons travelling circus!

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Image by Glen Carrie


You are my Moonshine,

my only Moonshine.



(Crime. Comedy. Western).

THE CLOCK BROTHERS, two escaped convicts in the years of prohibition, start a floating speakeasy - on a floating church boat.